• Menopause and Women’s Hormone Balancing

    It is widely anecdotally acknowledged that Asian cultures don’t have the same incidence of menopausal (literally a pause in menstrual or ovulating processes) symptoms and inconveniences. It is proposed that this has much to do with the abundance of phytoestrogens and isoflavones from soy and certain other seeds and vegetables in Asian diets.
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    Menopause and Women’s Hormone Balancing
  • Children's Brain Health

    As a follow up to my last blog I’m going to address children’s cognitive issues. In this article I’ll be naming products because the approach to cognitive improvement is not dissimilar to the adult approach with some modifications.
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    Children's Brain Health
  • Maintaining Brain Health

    Although the following claim has been hotly contested one can safely assume, since the dawn of man and woman kind, the fact is we use our brains to a greater or lesser extent, for better or for worse for everything. 
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    Maintaining Brain Health
  • Awakened Beauty

    They say Beauty is only skin deep; but that’s only one interpretation and from a naturopathic point of view not true at all. So let’s deep dive into what we can do from the inside-out to maintain and improve our appearance.
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    Awakened Beauty
  • Managing Allergies or Here's Looking Achoo

    Allergies can affect and disturb the entire body but often localize and then spread through the mucosal tissue since most commonly allergens, usually protein-based substances like dander, pollen and foods enter through mucosal portals such as the eyes, nose, mouth and skin.
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    Managing Allergies or Here's Looking Achoo
  • From Pain to Comfort

    Many of our customers recently complained about debilitating, movement compromising, painful, and sometimes numbing muscle conditions that can comprise many single conditions including neurasthenia, bursitis, fibromyalgia, and tendonitis. They all have occupations and lifestyles that require long periods of sitting (i.e. computer-based work) and periods of standing and/or relatively strenuous activity either through traveling or exercise or just the day to day.
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    From Pain to Comfort
  • Getting ready for vaccination

    If you do elect to take vaccination against the coronavirus, one should be encouraging the body to be in a healthy state to defend against the virus overall and to “handle” the effects of the vaccination itself; that is the introduction of the dead virus into the system, the invasive effect on the bloodstream itself, and the heightened immune response, and the toxins or residue that introducing a virus/germ and it’s medium can produce.
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    Getting ready for vaccination
  • The need to support the immune system in these times cannot be overstated

    It is a growing consensus among the holistic community that an alkaline diet comprised of nutrient dense fruits and vegetables is one of the most reliable ways to support immunity, Edgar Cayce, dubbed “the [American] father of holistic medicine” recommended to "keep the body alkaline”.…stating
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    The need to support the immune system in these times cannot be overstated
  • One should eat to live, not live to eat.

    Breakfast like a king lunch like a prince and dinner like a pauper. Apple a day. Name and adages some more dietary axioms, ad nauseam. perhaps a poor choice of words in a blog about dieting.
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    One should eat to live, not live to eat.