Device screens and computer Monitors emit blue light and non-ionizing radiation. The various wi-fi iterations such as 3, 4, and 5G have increased both bandwidth and strength of signal and are emitting even more electro-smog; invisible energy waves that can interact with other electrical networks and radio transmissions to the point of interfering with air traffic signals and evidently biological organisms like us humans whose nervous and circulatory systems run on electricity. These are systems we should, as this article will address, endeavor to protect whether your computer/device use is minimal or as for many, nearly ubiquitous. For purposes of practicality, we’ll cover from a naturopathic perspective the most immediately impacted body parts to the less obvious.

Stress and any of the aforementioned factors, frequently occurring simultaneously in the 21st century, present oxidative stress which can even lead to cellular even mutagenic (chromosomal and pre-cancer) and mitochondrial (the engine of the cell) damage.

Overexposure and for some even random exposure to blue light emissions (and accompanying challenges i.e., EMF’s - that is Electromagnetic Frequencies) can make you blue - by depleting melatonin and overstimulating or disrupting pineal or pituitary function also setting the stage for stepping disorders. Melatonin supplements and sources like tart cherry, and apoptogenic uplifting supplements like Solgar’s Ashwagandha and Saffron supplement can promote brain health and neuro chemicals, with-all that support healthy emotional stress responses.

Dry eyes: eyes are in close proximity to and in direct communication with the brain, not to mention their connection to the nervous system at large and in TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine) the liver, which also purifies the blood supply to the eyes and the rest of the body.

Dry skin: In Ayurveda when you protect the skin you also protect the nervous system and the energy surrounding and permeating our bodies.

Do take or consume antioxidants and astaxanthin; antioxidants like vitamins A, C, E, selenium and proanthocyanidins occurring in many fruits and vegetables protect and repair tissue health, especially in exposed tissues like the skin and eyes but also in the heart and other key organs and their interconnected veins, arteries and capillaries. Since computer or device use is stationary, especially body regions like the head and shoulders, engaged most intensively while gazing at the fixed light source of a screen, circulation can stagnate and cause weakening, however temporary or persistent in organs and glands that are blood rich or have high demands on blood supply. Astaxanthin from sea sources - usually microalgae - has a special protective affinity for soft and sensitive tissue like those of the skin and eyes, as well as cardio microcirculatory tissue.

Legendary Bilberry: a proanthocyanidin rich relative of the blueberry used in WW1 to improve pilot’s night vision and containing compounds that are known to be ocular protective. Using other anti-aging formulas contain blueberries for their neuro and myo(muscle) protective factors that can augment bilberries' benefits. Numerous eye formulas combined with many of the separate supplements and compounds enumerated in this article are available at many health food stores.

Orange glasses. With varying degrees of efficacy these blocks or neutralize blue light being emitted from screens and even overhead fluorescents and are an appropriate strategy for those who have extended screen time. Newer glasses perform the magnification and appearance of regular glasses while integrating blue light blocking materials.

Liver support: The liver regulates and synthesizes so much in the body from fats and lipids to vital and easily depleted neuro chemicals and joints, connective tissue and the eyes and mucosa. Herbs and supplements which help include saffron, milk thistle, dandelion and yellow dock as well as amino acids such as carnitine, methionine and additionally taurine.

Carnosine, “is a dipeptide found in the brain, heart, skin, muscles. Kidneys, and stomachs that support healthy aging and rejuvenation.... optimize[ing] healthy cell function and promote anti-aging by neutralizing free radicals - thereby functioning as an antioxidant, including in the brain and nerve cells.”1 (Jarrow product panel) It is taken internally but also used as an intraocular solution for dry or otherwise distressed eyes.

EGEC occurs naturally in green tea and its variations and is an antioxidant rich source of polyphenols ` define, catechins define, and EGEC define.

Resveratrol especially with NAD: Resveratrol is the compound found in grapes and wine and certain herbs that was found in studies to contribute to the vascular and anti-aging properties attributed to the cardiovascular and cognitive health of French and other populations irrespective of high fat diets and other minor lifestyle risk factors. This is being combined with nicotinamide riboside, or NAD for its energy optimizing value in the brain, heart and mitochondria (intercellular power plants and energy centers)

Glutathione: ubiquitously used by the body to detoxify and repair cells and as an antioxidant to protect organs, notably the liver and the eyes. If you have metal toxicity from exposure or dental work or joint replacements it is especially crucial in helping the body neutralize and eliminate these. Since metals conduct electrical energy that is emitted from wi-fi, phones, computers, and cell towers and routers, etc. that can in turn interact or interfere with the body’s natural electrical and energy functions.

EFA’s from flax, chia, nuts and fish oil lubricate all tissues especially the eyes and skin. They are also integral in proper nervous system functioning and have anti-inflammatory benefits.

Natural Anti-inflammatory formulas because inflammation is often initiated by inflammatory factors such as free radicals and can become persistent and chronic as those suffering from occupational keyboard related carpal tunnel syndrome can tell you.

Hydration of course for lubrication, nourishment and purifying of all the tissues of the body and is challenged by the Ayurveda identified Vata-genic (or air element profuse) properties of electrical and cellular/digital wireless and emission rich computer and digital technologies. So, one must vigilantly hydrate to offset such a depletion or imbalance.

Whatever effects on the eyes, skin and nervous system such screen and computer exposure are evident, you can bet they are compounded by the EMF’s and signals that transmit computer content, be it streaming or downloading software and apps or internet connectivity overall.

Such technology and its ever-increasing use as well as novel versions of existing as well as nascent technologies, all told are still too “young” to judge the long-term effects on health, so acting on what we do know with the strategies named in this article is reasonable if not wise.