If you do elect to take vaccination against the coronavirus, one should be encouraging the body to be in a healthy state to defend against the virus overall and to “handle” the effects of the vaccination itself; that is the introduction of the dead virus into the system, the invasive effect on the bloodstream itself, and the heightened immune response, and the toxins or residue that introducing a virus/germ and it’s medium can produce.

Reports of varying discomfort and recovery time from the cv vaccine as well as others are as varied as the reporters themselves. It’s with that in mind I’m going to make some recommendations for getting some equilibrium back post vaccination. First, since vaccines elicit an immune response much like homeopathy (like cures like healing system) which preceded it, by introducing a foreign body that the body disables through antibodies define, you’ll want to follow my tips for strengthening your immune response and its potential aftermath of inflammation and other symptoms of toxicity or great effort by the body’s systems. 

Go in prepared. Incorporate vegetables that are members of the radish family. Radish sprouts, daikon, and horseradish help generate your own glutathione as do members of the allium family like garlic and onions more indirectly through conversion when needed of the cystine they contain. If you tend to have longer lasting side effects or are a slow metabolizer of medications in general than consider supplementing with sublingual or liposomal (fat soluble) glutathione supplements. Glutathione benefits and functions quote and or define. Food and supplemental sources of chlorophyll have a reputation of pulling out as well as promoting eliminating toxins in the event that the vaccination impedes detoxifying or overloads the body with the microbes i.e. corona-based portion of vaccination.

Use mullein and stone root for lymphatic function. White blood cells (lymphocytes) will attack viruses and hence be stimulated as a result of the vaccination. So, you’ll want to use these herbs to promote lymphatic circulation as well as capillary integrity and function because of the cap pillars sensitivity noted in the corona virus phenomenon.

After lymphatic cleaners, supplemental glutathione as extra precaution. Zinc sources such as pumpkin, sunflower, and other seeds; eggs; etc. are advisable. Strong probiotics will help the body and gut produce needed immune cells and lymph fluids. Since the symptoms can mimic fibromyalgia malic acid or magnesium malate may help, as well as pectin sources and chlorella reputed to help DNA integrity. Hydrate of course. Proteolytic enzymes may break through tough virus membranes as well as reduce inflammation. Clays like bentonite are used against biofilms: the stubborn casings protecting the virus and their residue, from viral invasion or die off.

“First of all, clay is a powerful antibacterial agent. Being highly charged with negative ions, it will naturally bond with substances that have a high positive charge, such as viruses and bacteria. In the case of viruses such as E-Coli, Staphylococcus Aureus, MRSA, and others, clay molecules literally surround the viruses, suffocating them and preventing them from reproducing or getting fuel. Thus, the viruses die off and are carried out of the body through the body's detoxification pathways. (Read more at upchiropractic.com)

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So for those in a hurry or just feeling hurried to take the CV vaccine they should be equally timely in preparing the body to deal with the vaccine and its invasive introduction (bypassing all the normal defensive routes that would ordinarily impede it’s progress when functioning properly (name)). So, without further delay I’ll suggest a protocol to optimize our response and ideally recovery however subtle or pronounced yours may be:

  • Ongoing: mix of buffered and liposomal Vitamin C high doses 1-3 grams.
  • Before, day of or shortly after:
    • BHI allergy formula: to ease the body's response to foreign substances that can cause sensitivities such as allergies and diverse inflammation especially through the most often affected mucosal and respiratory pathways.
  • BHI body pure: to help the body respond to the albeit dead virus and its medium and its reactions in the body that need detoxification.
  • A day or three after:
    • Yerba Prima Detox: which literally encapsulates just about all of my recommendations above in one formula: with chlorella as a chlorophyll source (oxygenation of micro and macro tissue which makes harmful microbes die. Dim and Calcium d-glucarate to stabilize potential effects on hormones, broccoli sprouts standing in for radish, burdock a lymphatic, blood and kidney cleanser, bentonite clay, and nettles a mucosal soother and respiratory anti histamine and anti-inflammatory, and beneficial liver herbs; yellow dock and dandelion.


Garden of Life Raw Enzymes which have all the benefits outlined above and contain red algae which is used as a mild antiviral and trace mineral source. Do not take if using blood thinners as they contain nattokinase. These or analogous supplements along with Mullein tea (or extract) and stone root extract for a week or two post vaccination can offer some protection or at least benefit to the systems affected by vaccination.

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