Many of our customers recently complained about debilitating, movement compromising, painful, and sometimes numbing muscle conditions that can comprise many single conditions including neurasthenia, bursitis, fibromyalgia, and tendonitis. They all have occupations and lifestyles that require long periods of sitting (i.e. computer-based work) and periods of standing and/or relatively strenuous activity either through traveling or exercise or just the day to day. I feel like this is an increasingly common trend, especially since so many of our lifestyles fit their general descriptions with so many symptoms in common.

Because of the medically elusive identification of these conditions doctors often throw mitigation measures like NSAIDs or steroids at these, which often have adverse effects and don’t seem to address the underlying factors. With that said, I’d recommend to my friends and readers, addressing the usual suspects of discomfort, circulation and inflammation naturopathically with targeted supplements. These include:

Front and centermost, PEA which occurs naturally in the body, but was originally extrinsically derived from egg yolks for therapeutic use in a pain reduction and comfort modulating, “is also categorized as part of the extended endocannabinoid family” (Nutritional Outlook March 2021 Vol. 24, No.2, pgs. 36-37M. Hill Interview). The endocannabinoid system is a more recently discovered intrinsic system of chemicals and receptors that helps regulate the comfort of the entire body and is what makes herbal members of the cannabinoid family such as hemp, thus marijuana as well as many other plants medicinally valuable. Research and experience indicate that PEA possesses “anti-inflammatory and neuro protective and immune modulating properties” (Nutritional Outlook March 2021 Vol. 24, No.2, pgs. 36-37M. Hill Interview). It is available now in supplement form.

Magnesium Malate relaxes and has an affinity for nerves and muscle tissues, as a compound it can help in energy production within overworked tissue, and therefore help ameliorate connective tissue discomfort and inflamed nerves and related blood vessels, as in the case of fibromyalgia.

Pycnogenol is a highly antioxidant rich bioflavonoid source derived from pine bark that helps vascular and overall tissue integrity. It is used by martial artists and athletes to heal bruising and avoid NSAID toxicity and most commonly to strengthen micro capillaries and blood vessels in the eyes, brain and other blood rich organs.

Sunflower lecithin or PS 100 or egg yolk lecithin provide choline which helps process fats and phosphorus which helps feed and protect nerve cells and tissue.

Aquabiome fish oils specifically Sports Performance, which includes quercetin - a naturally derived systemic anti-inflammatory; and Digestive Relief which soothes intestinal tissue and by virtue of its Boswellia component, acts as a connective tissue anti-inflammatory, which complement the intrinsic lubricating and anti-inflammatory properties of fish oils. 

Healthy oils like these promote optimal vascular, mucosal and tissue flexibility, repair and functioning, whereas “bad” fats or oils (through over processing, GMOs and overuse of frying, or in the body: stress, inactivity or overactivity) can compromise their various functions through oxidation hence oxidative stress, generating free radicals that weaken or damage blood vessels and other tissue. This and other such processes can in turn disrupt the proper oxygenation and maintenance of affected areas such as shoulders, legs etc. and the efficient elimination of waste products such as deposits, cellular debris, lactic and uric acids, and toxins, ultimately contributing to discomfort and otherwise aggravating degenerative processes.

Probiotics help process fats that lubricate every tissue. They can also displace or consume less beneficial bacteria that may erode tissue substrates which are responsible for maintaining nerve, muscular and vascular elasticity and integrity.

Supplemental Proline is an amino acid that plays a key role in collagen production, and can also up the body’s repair quotient.

Wobenzyme containing a full complement of proteolytic (protein digesting) enzymes can help the body break down adhesions and deposits (mineral, collagen or otherwise) in vascular and connective tissue, arising from such extremes of overuse and/or disuse of the musculoskeletal system so common to 21 century work and lifestyles. A vegan alternative is Enzymedica SerraGold which has Serrapeptase to help break down obstructions in vascular and connective tissue.

The InflamaRest by Source Naturals has all the proteolytic, botanical anti-inflammatories, circulatory nutrients, and pain relievers (notably Hops, Chinese skullcap and feverfew) that are: cox 2 inhibitors an enzyme that responds to trauma and causes pain), prostaglandin moderators and cannabinoid providers. 

A quick fix version of the aforementioned that can safely be used in conjunction with any of the other recommendations would be BHI CBD +13 which provides a sturdy 15 mg dose of CBD with all the homeopathic anti-inflammatories and tissue healers in one fast acting formula.

Topicals like Garden of life CBD salve which, in addition to CBD’s pain-relieving value, contains ashwagandha, legendary for its nerve and hormone tonifying properties can be efficacious locally, and contain the spread of discomfort, as would Vein guard by Natural Care to support local vascular function, and Planetary Herb’s Horse Chestnut Cream.

Comfrey salve by HerbPharm which delivers the one-two punch of comfrey which has traditionally been used to heal injuries of every kind with St. John’s Wort for pain relief and nerves ending conditions like shingles and neurasthenia.

I would advise using these alternately or concomitantly in a 2 day overlap cycle for each.

Finally remember, restoring comfort throughout the body is encouragement to remain active in any and every capacity, which has its own self-perpetuating full range of mental, physical and emotional benefits.