Pinched Nerves or nerve compression or inflammation is painful and usually persistently so. They frequently evade being recognized and even diagnosed. They often originate from the neck and associated vertebrae that house nerves affiliated with varied parts of the body and can be felt in or “refer” to the shoulder, arms and even legs and feet. Common causes are anywhere from accidents, postural difficulties, lifting or carrying something incorrectly, imperfect sleeping positions and/or bedding, pillows and predispositions to inflammation of the nerves which will be addressed in this article.

While physical therapy can help alleviate some more pressing symptoms, it is most beneficial - especially long term to proactively support comfort and functionality and minimize any of your own contribution to the condition and pain.

Alkalinity: helps support the integrity of bones and vertebrae. Conversely acidity can deplete or displace minerals such as magnesium that help conduct nerve impulses and break through the signal obstructions that cause pain or numbness. Supplements and substances like chlorophyll, Ph - supporting enzymes (i.e. Ph Basic by Ezymedica enzyme company), lemons, baking soda, antioxidant rich plant foods, most leafy greens all encourage alkalinity in the body and counteract inflammatory and potentially damaging acidity. Pot liquor is also a perennial alkalizing remedy for aches and fatigue that can accordingly decompress overworked, sore (read: lactic acid filled) muscles that can impinge on nerves. Nightshade free diets can also reduce overall inflammation and therefore decrease pressure from fascia and muscles entwining the nerves.

And speaking of minerals and their availability to nerves and neurochemistry, magnesium especially magnesium malate internally can target the nerves that direct muscle activity and can be used in its chloride form to smooth nerve reactions topically.

Burdock, nettles and sarsaparilla are tissue purifying herbs that “wash” out acidity and help clear compromised micro circulation that can lead to compressed nerves and localization of numbness and discomfort. A classic Cayce remedy is baking soda mixed in water with several drops of sarsaparilla extract to both purify and counteract acidity.

Homeopathies like hypericum. Symphytum, arnica and ruta graveolens can alleviate pain and promote comfort that contributes to healing irritated nerves and related tissue.

CBD soothes pain, promotes comfort and helps the body, most especially nerves self-regulate and balance. Other members of the cannabinoid family such as hops and clove can be used internally and externally for pain relief and increased mobility and circulation.

Topical CBD MediNatura’s T relief tablets and creams include all of these nerve treating substances for both internal and External all use, depending on the depths of the nerve disturbance.

Topical St. John’s Wort oil is a classical herbal remedy for nerve pain and suggests why this herb’s extract is often used internally for nervous conditions like depression. Wise company’s Neuropathy cream contains topical frankincense and myrrh and homeopathic aconite for nerve inactivity or idiopathy.

Benfotiamine and alpha lipoic acid have been used to improve neurological efficiency often in cases of diabetic neuropathy but for most conditions that disturb nerve endings such as pinched nerves and sciatica.dd

Fish or omega rich algae, walnut, flax oil promote vascular as well as nerve integrity and function.

Acupuncture can facilitate the flow of energy through the body and free up pent up energy that can inhibit the unimpeded energy that can manifest in sensitive or stagnant nerve rich areas.

Last but not least, especially with our microwave/wi-fi saturated existence, Emfs (electro-magnetic fields) which are emitted by wi-fi routers, smart meters, cell phones and cordless phones, fluorescent and LED lights and “smart” devices of all varieties can add to free radical production which contribute to the aging of cells including nerve cells and initiate inflammatory responses that so many report enervating or exacerbating existing pain and discomfort associated with pinched nerves. Limiting your exposure, and providing antioxidants from diet and supplement can help this especially with lesser known and emergent cell protective substances like carnosine, resveratrol, and NAD.