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Organic Basic Food

It’s about that healthier lifestyle

Organic Basic Food is an American organic food and specialty store, specializing in healthy and natural products. Our first store opened in 1995 in Hoboken, New Jersey. Organic Basic Food is one of the first organic food and specialty markets dedicated to serving all-natural products and providing simple and healthier alternatives for body and mind. Our passion is to help our customers live a healthier life. Our objective is to continue sharing this message and to promote a healthier lifestyle worldwide.

100% Organic

Organic Basic Food provides the best selection of organic produce. We emphasize organic produce for a healthier lifestyle - protect your health with the best organic produce.

Keeps you and your loved ones healthy

Organic Basic Food is ready to make your family’s health better and better. Our natural and organic foods and products are not treated with artificial chemicals or preservatives. Stay healthy with Organic Basic Food.

Always Fresh

Find fresh foods and products at our store at low prices. We maintain our organic produce freshly and naturally. Just order our fresh organic foods and products from anywhere at anytime.

Safe from pesticides

Our produce will never compromise on quality. It does not contain harmful chemical ingredients such as fungicides, herbicides, insecticides, and so on.